Peak District Hosts Mega-Twitch!


The small village of Beeley in the Peak District area of Derbyshire has seen an influx of hundreds of birders today due to news of a mega rare Dusky Thrush from Siberia being present in the orchard & gardens of the village being broadcast this morning

Rachel Jones posted pictures of the bird on facebooks’ UK Bird Identification Forum on Sunday 4th December and very quickly experienced birders made the identification of Dusky Thrush, a species that is usually in Asia in the winter

The location of the bird was released this morning via the Bird Information Services such as Rare Bird Alert and Birdnet, whilst social media lit up with news of the birds’ location, and straight away, there were birders turning up from around the country!

Many thanks to the residents of Beeley who have hosted hundreds of birders today, whilst in turn the many visiting birders have made donations to a local charity – the events of today in Peak District Derbyshire were a great advert for birding; a fine example of a twitch being managed properly

The name Dusky Thrush does not really do the species justice, perhaps the name Chestnut-winged Thrush might be more appropriate ?

For birders this “Sibe-heaven” Autumn continues up into the festive season (& beyond ?)





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