The Northern Spring Supports The Green Party For #GMMayor


#Will4GreenMayor #NorthernGreenhouse #EvoManc

The Northern Spring is supporting The Green Party candidate Will Patterson to be the Greater Manchester Metro Mayor

Will Patterson, Green Party, Manifesto

Will Patterson – New candidate for Greater Manchester Metro Mayor contest

Greater Manchester Elects on Thursday 4th May 2017, the same day as the Local Elections, at this very important time for UK politics

The Northern Spring selects the Green Party as the prime candidate on manifesto, hustings performances, social media interaction, media presence and general style of the campaign

With no other socialist candidates on the ballot, Will Patterson is therefore the unity candidate for all Greater Manchester socialists, and a chance for the Greater Manchester public to vote for hope and change

Greater Manchester Green Party Manifesto Launch

Film: Greenbelt Policy

Film: Climate Change

Green Party Mayoral Campaign Film

The Northern Spring supports Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister and the formation of a national Labour Government, however, in this regional contest we feel that Greater Manchester needs a grassroots figurehead who is not connected to big business in the same way that Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives are

This could be seen right at the very start of the campaign when Burnham (Labour), Brophy (Liberal Democrats) and Anstee (Conservatives) all unashamedly dashed off to swanky, loadsamoney per ticket hustings !! It can also be seen at the corporate Citizens UK Election Stunt event at The Lowry on Salford Docklands on Monday 1st May 2017

We feel that the combination of the three biggest parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats are responsible for the so-called “Northern Powerhouse”, a corporate land-grab and development programme that has no social license amongst the people of Greater Manchester, and the North of England

Andy Burnham (Labour) has called for Greater Manchester to be transformed into a Beacon of Social Justice and we believe that a Green Party Mayor is the best chance of this happening

Burnham has called for a Peoples’ Green Summit to be held in Greater Manchester, but with a caveat of “within the first year of office”, however, a member of the General Public challenged this time limit at the hustings and the Green Party Mayoral candidate not only agrees with this, but is likely to have the political nous to host a Peoples’ Green Summit within 100 days

In a time of multiple national political polls, there seem to have been no polls whatsoever conducted of the Greater Manchester electorate regarding voting intentions, although you can put a bet on at the bookies!!

Therefore, the Greater Manchester Mayoral Result could be a lot more interesting than the mainstream media think, especially as we are in the era of political change

At the Hustings event on Friday 28th April 2017 in Manchester “What About The Environment?” all the four Mayoral candidates present are saying that we need a Green Greater Manchester Mayor – so why not vote for the real deal ?

Will Patterson and the Green Party Manifesto in the News

ITV Granada Reports, Greater Manchester Mayoral Hustings, 26th April 2017


The Green Party Greater Manchester Mayoral Campaign has been a collaborative one, due to the original candidate Deyika Nzeribe passing away at the turn of the year

Here are a number of links to the original launch of the Green Party Greater Manchester Mayoral campaign

Deyika Nzeribe Speech, Manchester, Saturday 12th November 2016
Event: United Against Fracking Event

“We need to make sure that no matter who is President of the United States, whoever is in Number 10, the shale gas industry is not allowed to hoodwink the public into believing that fracking is any kind of part of an energy strategy for the future”

“We need to ensure that the democratic voice of the people in Lancashire is respected – we also need to remember that you are part of the long line of activists from all around the world, protecting Earth, air and the water against degradation…Barton Moss, Balcombe, Roseacre Wood, the South Africa wild coast, the XL pipeline, North Dakota…

“You might not be aware of it but you are in the heart of the Northern Powerhouse, historical birthplace of the industrial revolution – the Green Party vision, my vision, for a Northern Powerhouse is one powered by clean, green, renewable energy, produced here in the north and which creates more jobs per pound invested than shale gas ever can; clean energy powered by its people, its wind, waves and daylight/sun!”

“You can’t be against fracking and for building on Green Belt. You can’t be against fracking and for expanding the airport. You can’t be for and against the planet…”

Deyika Nzeribe (1966-2017) A Tribute


Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidate Election Survey


On Thursday 4th May 2017 Greater Manchester Elects a brand spanking new Metro Mayor that no-one asked for !!

On Friday 28th April 2017 the citizens of Greater Manchester have the chance to quiz the Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidates at an event called “What About The Environment” starting at 6:15pm at the Friends Meeting House in Manchester

During the Election campaign, the Northern Greenhouse have conducted a survey of the “Big Four” Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidates to attempt to discover their thoughts on the Environment and the Green Economy, a very topical issue now that we are in the era of the Paris Agreement

The “Northern Powerhouse” has brought the fracking industry to the North, the “Davyhulme Stink”, the contamination of the River Irwell and the recent Northern floods – all making local and national headlines

The survey was conducted on Twitter, with the questions sent to the Mayoral candidates via the Twitter account of Ecologist and Author, James Walsh @MancunianBirder, with the hashtag #GMMayor

Will Patterson of the Green Party won the Survey on amount of questions answered (8 out of 70), quality of answers and general social media interaction, including ReTweets and Likes

Jane Brophy of the Liberal Democrats came a very distant second (1 out of 70), with one ReTweet and four Likes

Neither Andy Burnham nor Sean Anstee found the time to answer any questions or interact (Like/Retweet) at all – it is not great form for a Mayoral Candidate to ignore the electorate


WILL PATTERSON (GREEN PARTY) first, answering eight out of the seventy questions (overrall score of 12%)

Jane Brophy (Liberal Democrats) second, answering just one of the seventy questions (overrall score of 1%)

Andy Burnham (Labour Party) did not answer any questions (overall score of 0%)

Sean Anstee (Conservative Party) did not answer any questions (overall score of 0%)



All Tweets are detailed here, with ReTweets, Likes and Full Reponses

NR = No Reply from any candidate

1. Is the tune Barton Moss Protectors “Rise Up Against Fracking” on your iPod ? NR

2. Would you campaign to halt the construction of BREP – the BioMass Incinerator ? NR

3. Do you know what place Manchester is ranked in the UKs’ greenest cities ? NR

4. The so-called Northern Powerhouse project and a real Air Quality Plan seem incompatible ? NR

5. How many Green Jobs could we create in Greater Manchester ? NR

6. Would you support a Green Atlantic Gateway ? NR

7. The Northern Powerhouse in just one image (with an image of a Business “Fat Cat” saying “It’s quite simple… the profits are all mine and the pollution is all yours” to a member of the general public) ? NR

8. Do you support Jeremy Corbyns’ Environmental Manifesto ? NR

9. What steps would you take to divest the Greater Manchester Pension Fund ? NR

10. How would you transfer Greater Manchester to Zero Carbon ? NR

11. How can we move forward on Manchester European City Of Science ? NR

12. Are you on the March For Science ? NR

13. How would you represent Greater Manchester at COP23 in Bonn, Germany in November 2017 ? NR

14. What protection should we give urban nesting Sand Martins – especially in relation to Pomona Docks ? NR

15. Would you support bids for IUCN funding for our mosslands ? NR

16. How would you build a Greater Manchester EcoTourism Plan ? NR

17. The Northern Powerhouse mantra is “Jobs & Growth” what about Green Jobs & Green Growth ? Like from Will Patterson

18. The Environment should be the Mayors’ number one priority as we all breathe air, eat food, drink water ? Retweet and Like from Will Patterson, Like from Jane Brophy

19. What are your plans for public involvement – in relation to the Greater Manchester Peoples’ Plan For The Future ?

Will Patterson: Where to start ? Forums to actively seek out and listen to people’s opinions, bring civic society into decision making process

20. Would you fully protect Greater Manchesters’ mosslands ?

Will Patterson: Yes! The mosslands would be a prime candidate for the expanded Green Belt

21. What support would you give Ecopreneurs (Entrepreneurs who are starting/running ecological businesses) ?

Will Patterson: Push for Basic Income to give people more freedom to start businesses, and GMCA contracts for Green Jobs and business eg in Renewables

22. If we can build Bridgewater Gardens why not also an Eden Project North on Pomona ? Like from Will Patterson

23. Would you integrate EcoSystem Services into Economic Plans ?

Will Patterson: Of course! In fact, ecosystem service and maintenance could and should be a part of the replacement for the Spatial Framework

24. What do you know about “The Bentley Effect” (a new film about an Australian community rising up and winning against a fossil fuel company, Metgasco) ? NR

25. #waterislife Should we be collecting rooftop rainwater in Greater Manchester ? NR

26. Manchester is the City of Peace – would you bring back the much-loved Peace Gardens ? NR

27. Have the Green Party not been invited to the Citizens UK event on 1st May ? NR

28. Do you agree with Gerrard Winstanley – with an image of Gerrard Winstanley (and the quote) “Was the earth made to preserve a few covetous, proud men to live at ease, and for them to bag and barn up the treasures of the Earth from others, that these may beg or starve in a fruitful land, or was it made to preserve all her children ?”

Will Patterson: Yes I agree with Gerrard Winstanley, an EcoSocialist and a local hero

29. How can any Labour member/supporter/voter see this photo and feel pride (with the classic DevoManc stitch-up photo of George Osborne, Richard Leese, Tony Lloyd and the GMCA) ? ReTweet and Like from Jane Brophy

30. What steps would you take to combat climate change ? NR

31. Would you support a Greater Manchester EcoTourism Plan ? NR

32. Mayoral Challenge ? Would you go to Fancy Dress Friday protest at the Preston New Road Cuadrilla fracking site in Lancashire ? NR

33. Do you support Manchester being a National Park City ? ReTweet and Like from Will Patterson

34. What do you know about the Salford Mosses ? NR

35. How would you plan to clean the air in Greater Manchester – with an image of a newspaper cutting about the Trafford Breathe Clean Air Group ? NR

36. What do you think of Sajid Javid fracking – with an image of Sajid Javid and “My Job Is To Make Sure Local Government’s Voice Is Being Heard In Every Department” on the cover of First – The Magazine For Local Government ? NR

37. Have any of the candidates read my book “The Birds of Salford Docklands” ? Like from Jane Brophy

38. How can Greater Manchester support global effort on climate change – with a link to an internet article on the ice melting in the Arctic ? NR

39. How many of the Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidates voted for the Iraq War ? NR

40. How many millions of pounds of Tory cuts have Labour made in Greater Manchester ? NR

41. What are your views on Science March Manchester ? NR

42. What are your views on HS2 ? Like from Jane Brophy

43. Did any of the candidates visit Barton Moss during the winter of 2013/14 ? NR

44. Did any other candidates turn up to Greenbelt Greater Manchester today – with an image of Will Patterson and Jane Brophy at the event ? NR

45. What would you be prepared to do to Stop Fracking in Greater Manchester ? NR

46. How would you make Manchester a City of Peace ? Like from Jane Brophy

47. Anyone think this photo looks a bit like the orchestra on the Titanic (once again with the classic Devo Manc stitch-up photo) ? NR

48. Would we want this ?? Is it better to keep most politicians darn Sarf ?? with a link to an Economist article “Go North: The pragmatic case for moving Britain’s capital to Manchester” – NR

49. Do you support Break The Chain (Reclaim The Powers’ campaign to break the chain of businesses supporting the fracking industry) ? NR

50. Why has a new generation of fossil fuels been commissioned at Carrington ? with a link to a Bloomberg article “Paris Accord Could Make The World $19 Trillion Richer” – NR

51. How can Greater Manchester benefit from EcoTourism ? with a link to a North England EcoTourism Article on The Northern Spring – NR

52. Does this make the Brexit vote null and void ? with a link to Guardian article “Revealed: How US billionairre helped to back Brexit” ? NR

53. What are your views on the Dutch elections ? with a link to a Guardian “Green Left proves to be a big winner in Dutch election”

Will Patterson: Far-right divisiveness kept in check, real progress for Green Left ? I think GroenLinks put it best

54. Did @BBCNWT think Crufts more important than direct action against fracking – question asked on a day of important direct action against the fracking industry ? NR

55. Is it acceptable for corporations to “greenwash” ?? with a photo from the Carrington Gas Terminal launch event and a photo of greenfields with a slogan “Supporting The Transition To A Carbon Free Energy Future” ? NR

56. What are your views on this ? A photo of an artists impression of the new Carrington Gas Terminal ? NR

57. What are your plans for social & environmental equality ? NR

58. What plans have you got for Greater Manchesters’ wildlife ? NR

59. What pressure would you put on government to publish the Nature Report ? NR

60. Should Manchester Remain in the EU as that is how we voted in the #EURef ? NR

61. Is this corporate policing gone too far ? with a link to a YouTube film of an elected official being allegedly assaulted at the Cuadrilla fracking site in Lancashire ? NR

62. Did any other candidates make it to Solidarity Saturday in Lancashire – with a picture of Will Patterson at the anti-fracking solidarity event ? NR

63. As GM Mayor would you make the Northern Powerhouse fairer ? with an image saying “If it were a country, the Northern Powerhouse would have the 10th biggest economy in Europe” ? NR

64. In this situation do you support the activists ? with a link to a Daily Telegraph article on fracking activists

Will Patterson: Support the activists ? I’ll be joining them on Saturday on behalf of people across GM who want a stop to fracking now!

65. As Greater Manchester Mayor what would you do to make Peel Ports more environmentally responsible ? with an image of architects impression of an Eden Project-style Ecology Centre on Pomona Docks – NR

66. What would you do as Greater Manchester Mayor to increase EcoTourism in Greater Manchester ? NR

67. Rate the importance of Civil Society in Greater Manchester ?

Will Patterson: Vital. Govt using Devo to wash its’ hands of regions. Combined Authority can’t deliver without engaging with civil society

68. As Greater Manchester Mayor would you #StopBREP #banfracking and #banCBM ? with a map of the Davyhulme Plume Plotter that illustrates where the BREP emissions would be falling now if BREP had started – NR

69. Would you support a Spike Island 30th Anniversary gig in 2020 ? NR

70. Do you support the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit ?

Jane Brophy: I support the Ecology Unit