Democracy scandal & sex scandal hit #GMMayor Election Campaign


After months of dull, low profile corporate hustings featuring just the three “mainstream” candidates from Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, the Greater Manchester Metro Mayoral Campaign has sprung into life with a democracy scandal AND a sex scandal all happening during the May Bank Holiday !!

With less than 48 hours until the polls open and the people of Greater Manchester vote for a Metro Mayor during Thursday 4th May 2017, the campaign now has two scandals that are sparking the interest of social media and giving the electorate more to think about when voting for the Metro Mayor


Most worryingly is the democracy scandal that happened on Salfords’ Docklands on Monday 1st May 2017

Citizens UK hosted what looked like an Election Stunt for Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, under the guise of a charity event, at The Lowry

The organisers received communications from Green Party officials and members, and the general public, prior to the event asking why the Green Party were not invited to a public Mayoral hustings event and asking the organisers to, perhaps, reconsider their position

However, the organisation who claim to have aspirations that are actually very similar to those of the Green Party, did not listen and went ahead with the event, providing Metro Mayoral candidates Andy Burnham, Jane Brophy and Sean Anstee with a huge platform, just 2 days before a very important election !!

Even more ironic is that the event used the Green Partys’ slogan “For The Common Good” and that the Green Party and their candidate Will Patterson, in actual fact, are probably the most likely to fulfil the apparent aspirations of Citizens UK

To add to this, a Green Party official – Linda Freeman, the Secretary of the Tameside Green Party, was forcibly ejected from The Lowry by security, apparently for the “crime” of wearing a Green Party T-shirt !!

The tech-savvy Green Party have made a film about the situation, and this scandal is likely to carry on, if the mainstream media dare to cover the situation

This scandal is at the very heart of the valid criticisms of the lack of democracy in the “DevoManc” project and the “Northern Powerhouse” project as a whole


UKIP are a “political party” who are currently falling apart with the Douglas Carswell situation and UKIP “leader” Paul Nuttall being trounced at the ballot box in Stoke the latest in a string of disasters, so the last thing they need is yet more negative news! However, the UKIP candidate for Greater Manchester Metro Mayor is currently in some political hot waters – if you like your political scandals a bit more fruity then read on


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