Labour Party Win Greater Manchester & Liverpool Mayoral Elections


The Labour Party have won the Greater Manchester and Liverpool Mayoral Elections with more than half a million votes

Andy Burnham is elected Greater Manchester Metro Mayor with 63% and Steve Rotheram is elected Livepool Metro Mayor with 59%

The Green Party were a credible fourth place in Greater Manchester and Liverpool with a total of around 27,000 votes

In Liverpool, the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) were 6th and the Women’s Equality Party 7th

UKIP, whose vote collapsed in the local elections, were beaten into 6th place in Greater Manchester, and 5th place in Liverpool


Labour: 359, 352

Conservative: 128,752

Lib Dem: 34,334

Green: 13,424

ED: 11,115

UKIP: 10,583

Aslam: 5,815

Farmer: 3,360


Labour: 171,167

Conservative: 58,805

Liberal Democrat: 19,751

Green Party: 14,094

UKIP: 11,946

Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition: 7,881

Women’s Equality Party: 4,287

Get the Coppers off the Jury: 729


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