#GE2017 The Northern Spring Supports The Formation Of A Labour Government


Jeremy Corbyn, the Godfather of British Politics, wins hearts and minds all the time and is earning the trust of the electorate in style with Prime Ministerial, statesman-like performances

In #GE2015 Britain flirted with European-style multi-party politics, but #GE2017 really is a two horse race, a classic old-skool “jumpers for goalposts” General Election, Labour versus Tory, Hope versus Hate

A reinvigorated Peoples’ Party, the Labour Party with Jeremy Corbyn, the Peoples’ Choice For The Peoples’ Party can, given the chance, balance the moral compass of the British Isles and the world with supreme negotiating and conflict resolution skills

The Labour Party has worked hard to place itself as the party of the many, on business, John McDonnell, the Peoples’ Chancellor, and Salfords’ Rebecca Long-Bailey have shone on the campaign trail, Emily Thornberry and Barry Gardiner have become household names whilst Andrew Gwynne has tackled and won the intellectual battles

Recent National Elections amongst our European neighbours such as Ireland and France point to wins for the more progressive candidate

The French and Dutch elections rejected far right-wing politics and the brief phase of “populism” has proved to be not very popular

In General Election 2015 the Labour Party won 232 seats (30.4% of the vote), however, politics has changed dramatically in 2 years

Corbynmania has swept the nation, the Labour Party have 600,000 members plus Momentum, the Green Party have replaced UKIP in “The Big Five” British political parties and the Tories are in meltdown

In #GE2017 the Labour Party are standing 631 candidates and need to win 326 seats, gaining 97 seats, to form a Labour Government

#GE2017 is 20 years on from the New Labour landslide of 1997 and it is now time for a True Labour win as a majority Labour Government is the smoothest transition for Jeremy Corbyn, aka The Peoples’ Prime Minister, to become Britains’ Prime Minister


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