#JezWeCan Build The #NorthernGreenhouse


#JCPeoplesPM #VoteLabour #NorthernGreenhouse

On World Environment Day, Monday 5th June 2017, James Walsh (@MancunianBirder) describes how a Labour Government can put the “Northern Powerhouse” in the past and create a new North

The Labour Party’s Manifesto promises to transform Northern society with the pledge of One Million New Jobs nationwide and regional investment banks such as a Bank Of The North to encourage the entrepreneurs of the future

As a qualified ecologist my interest in politics comes from an ecological angle – I’m what you could probably term an “ecopreneur”, an entrepreneur who plans to start a business based around ecology and the environment

Ecopreneurs are growing in number as people become more environmentally knowledgeable and green business becomes more and more mainstream with industries such as Renewable Energy and EcoTourism

The “Northern Powerhouse” project has failed spectacularly, so much so that the phrase is barely mentioned in the current Conservative shambles of a “manifesto”

The Labour Party in the North have huge support and this should increase with their Manifesto pledge to ban fracking, a hugely controversial industry that the Tories are trying to brutally force on Northern communities

Labours’ promise of One Million New Jobs – a mainstream variation of the “One Million Climate Jobs” campaign – is like music to the ears of the ecopreneur and gives hope for the future

The Green Economy is the future and Jeremy Corbyn, titled King Of the North during recent peoples’ political events, is the man to begin to oversee the transfer to the Green Economy and unlock the talents of Northern ecopreneurs


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