Jeremy Corbyn – The Real Deal


#JCPeoplesPM #TheRealDeal #VoteLabour

Corbynmania has happened as a result of a big combination of factors, the overall failure of the ruling class, the dis-integration of the Neo-liberal consensus, the perhaps maturing views of “populism”, the failure of the War On Terror, the apparent meltdown of the Conservatives and the rejection of disaster capitalism and austerity

If Tony Blair was Teflon then Jeremy Corbyn is more like Graphene, the new wonder material, a UK product 200 times stronger than steel, that scientists theorized about for many years and is now on the world stage

Jeremy Corbyn gigs are huge, sometimes thousands upon thousands of people, and the mainstream media have not really reflected just how popular JC is with the many

The first time I personally experienced Corbynmania was during autumn 2015, on my birthday I got a ticket to see Jeremy speak at Manchester Cathedral, however, I could not even get in the venue with a valid ticket as the venue was completely full, so much so that a stage and sound-system had been prepared in the public area adjacent to URBIS – a second or third room or stage is not unusual at JC gigs, such are the size of crowds that want to hear this man speak

Rather cheekily this event was during the Conservative Party Conference and I, for sure, spotted quite a few Conservative Party members who had sneaked out of their own Conference to see what all this Corbynmania fuss was all about ! They were greeted with a sea of polite, enthused, astute and politically engaged people

My next personal experience of Corbynmania was during the summer of 2016 for the “People Powered Politics” event on Salfords’ Docklands, a special place for me personally due to my dockers’ heritage

The event was officially the launch of Jeremys’ second successful Labour leadership campaign, but all events such as these were being hosted to promote Jeremy Corbyn as a Prime Minister in waiting

Please take the time to read my article reviewing this event that I wrote at the time

Jeremy Corbyn is now very cool with young people, witness Grime4Corbyn, the front cover of New Musical Express and Kerrang, and recent on-stage speeches at festivals and concerts

The initials, JC gives Jeremy Corbyn a mythical, almost “Life of Brian” style quality, especially when you put into context the almost evangelical style of support of some JC supporters and the revival, some might say resurrection, of socialist movement politics that JC has really inspired in Britain


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