The Peoples’ Election 2017 National Vote Labour Day


#VoteLabourDay #ThePeoplesElection #LabourGovernment

Thursday June 8th 2017 is The Peoples’ Election – National Vote Labour Day to elect Jeremy Corbyn as British Prime Minister

The Labour Manifesto is the real deal and we have an opportunity to elect a politician with a decent CV to the post of Prime Minister, a once in a lifetime opportunity to vote for a programme of hope

Let’s vote in our millions to sack Theresa May & the Conservatives ! There is no such thing as a Conservative safe seat ! The people have the power at the ballot box – rise up and Vote Labour if you have “Protest fatigue” and you are fed up of campaigning against climate change, austerity, fracking, war, dodgy trade deals and just want to get on with your life – a Labour Government is currently the best way to achieve this

Ignore the hype about Labour being “unelectable”, it is yet another Tory myth, if you are on the ballot then you are potentially electable and the Labour Party have 631 candidates, needing to win 326 seats for a stunning win to form a Labour Government

Our doctors and nurses have informed us that it is our public duty to vote Labour – public sector workers, business owners, pensioners, students, employed, self-employed and unemployed, disabled, journalists, police, nurses, doctors, firemen, musicians, entertainers, everyone in society let’s vote in our millions for future generations and VOTE for the LABOUR PARTY to employ Jeremy Corbyn as British Prime Minister


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