#GE2017 The Manchester General Election


Picture: The results of the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election 2017

James Walsh (@MancunianBirder) with the view from up North! Manchester has played a huge role in General Election 2017 – what can we learn from the recent Greater Manchester Mayoral Election voting pattern in terms of seeing where Manchester is at politically ?

The city of Manchester has found itself completely in the national spotlight during General Election 2017 due to the events at the Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017

Manchester has won plaudits from around the world in response to our handling of the situation, in particular, the solidarity of the citizens and the One Love Manchester concert

In terms of our celebrities, Liam Gallagher, in particular, has shown up for Manchester and the superstar of the One Love Manchester event recently said “Yes, I’m voting Labour” in a big interview

On 4th May 2017 the citizens of Greater Manchester selected a Labour Party Metro Mayor, the Labour Party candidate won the election with 63%

Now let’s be very clear about this, the Conservatives have long wanted to try and make progress in the North, and “DevoManc” and the “Northern Powerhouse” were both ideas that began on the back of a fag packet at Tory HQ, and despite the mainstream media talk of a “guaranteed safe Labour win” there is no doubt that the Tories were secretly hoping for a breakthrough that never came, instead, it backfired spectacularly, and the “Nasty Party” candidate was knocked out of the ball park!

The most interesting was the result in Trafford, south of Manchester, the most affluent borough of Greater Manchester – the “Nasty Party” candidate is the leader of Trafford Council, yet Labour won in this very politically sensitive area with a landslide

The Greater Manchester Mayoral Election was a rejection of the Conservatives attempts to make inroads oop North, and in some ways, a rejection of “DevoManc” and the “Northern Powerhouse”, especially when you factor in a very respectable vote for the Green Party

The size of the win for the Labour Party on 4th May in Greater Manchester promoted a large winners rally in the city centre and the signs are that the Labour Party has really increased in popularity in Greater Manchester during General Election 2017


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