#VoteLabour – A Personal View


James Walsh (@MancunianBirder) talks about a political journey coming home to the Labour Party

“Although my parents were big Labour Party supporters I didn’t have a huge interest in politics until 2003 – my first real experience of politics began with the “Stop The War” movement, and a leading light of that movement; Jeremy Corbyn – so it is very full circle and beautiful karma that I now get the chance to vote for a Labour Government with Jeremy Corbyn as the Prime Minister

Looking for a political home can be a very long journey, and I have, in previous years, briefly joined the Respect Party and the Green Party, whilst I can recall the Lib Dems getting my vote once in a local election in Salford in 2008

I have made a point of visiting different political party conferences, the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, the Green Party in Birmingham and I even had a look at a Conservative Conference – I was personally invited to a fringe event where I managed to heckle Owen Paterson for expecting people to volunteer to contribute to conservation rather than give conservationists proper pay and working conditions

In #GE2015 I was offered the chance to stand for Parliament with the Northern Party in Blackpool North, a very interesting post-graduation experience, where I was able to see how a General Election campaign works from a candidates’ point of view

In the 2010 General Election and the 2015 General Election I voted Labour, but not with huge enthusiasm, and then, bam! in the summer of 2015 I cottoned on to Corbynmania and I have, like so many, been encouraged to re-join the Labour Party

I have personally been very impressed with Labours’ plans for the environment, carers, entrepreneurs, mental health and student debt

My father’s Grandparents were Irish immigrants from County Mayo and my fathers’ family were Salford Dockers, therefore, I have strong connections to the original labour movement and I must say that I am proud of my political journey coming home to what I call the True Labour Party

I have started to consciously vote for hope & change, in the recent Unite The Union Election and the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election I voted for the candidate that I felt best represented a positive vote for hope & change

On Thursday 8th June 2017 I’m voting for a Labour Government, I’m voting for hope and change, I’m voting to respect previous generations and give hope to future generations”


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