#GE2017 – What The Frack Is Happening ?


If your head is spinning wondering what the frack just happened in Thursdays’ General Election, these events might provide some clarity!


Saturday 10th June 2017
Midday-2pm @ St Peters’ Square, Manchester

The organisers, Manchester Trades’ Council, say “The general election has been a defeat for Theresa May who’s attempt to gain legitimacy has failed. Now she attempts to put together a coalition with the reactionary DUP, Manchester Trades Council are organising an event to call for Theresa May to go now! Millions have been inspired by Labour’s manifesto and the brilliant campaign fought by Corbyn. We need a Corbyn-led Labour government. That’s what Manchester voted for and it’s what millions of working class people want. Join us on Saturday to start the next phase of the struggle”


Monday 12th June 2017 – 2 shows, 7pm & 9pm
Hope Mill Theatre, 113 Pollard Street, Manchester
Tickets @ ticketsource.co.uk

The organisers say “Immediate script in hand responses to the 2017 General Election result. There will be a limited number of tickets for this event, due to size of the venue, so we recommend booking in advance. Come and be a part of the conversation”


7pm-9pm Tuesday 13th June 2017
@ Friends’ Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS

The organisers, Manchester Peoples’ Assembly say “MAY MUST GO! that’s the job at hand now. So join our conversation, we are planning to get this done ! Fast! There can be no doubt that the case against austerity has inspired millions and has been placed centre stage in this election campaign by Jeremy Corbyn. Join us to discuss the options and get organised. We will need to move fast!”


7pm-9pm Wednesday June 14th

@ The Ship Canal pub
Barton Lane
M30 0EY

Speaker: Sally Griffiths, NHS worker and Unison member (speaking in personal capacity)

The organisers, the Socialist Party, say

“Discuss what happens next: Will there be another election? Can the Tories survive? How can we fight for a Corbyn-led government? Why socialist ideas are popular and how we can win!

‘Theresa Dismay’, ‘Gamble backfired’. These are the headlines today in the scurrilous Sun and Daily Mail, right-wing rags that have spent the whole election campaign raining down vicious attacks on Corbyn in the vain hope of a Tory landslide.

On the day the general election was called the Socialist Party declared: “If Corbyn fights on a clear socialist programme – for a Brexit in the interests of the working and middle-class – he could win the general election.” At the time that was met with derision by many, including, unfortunately, the right wing of the Labour Party who thought a general election would give them the opportunity to unseat Corbyn.

In just five weeks, Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign has proved them all wrong. It has transformed the political situation in Britain. In the face of overwhelming opposition from the capitalist establishment and media, and unfortunately sabotaged by the right of his own party, Jeremy Corbyn has put his anti-austerity programme to the people of Britain.

Hundreds of thousands of people, including the membership of the Socialist Party, have campaigned for his programme on the streets of Britain. The result has been the biggest increase in vote share for any party since Attlee’s Labour in 1945. Turnout among young people increased from 43% in 2015 to 72% as they streamed out to support Corbyn.

The Tories have come out of the election in tatters. Now we need to build a movement to force them out of power. The 8th June 2017 was the beginning not the end. It was the beginning of a movement to get the Tories out and to create a socialist society that provides free education, decent housing and a well-paid job for all”


Is Theresa May now a “Lame Duck” ??


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