The Northern Spring Guide To Politician Speak



“There is no public appetite for another General Election so soon”

Graham Brady, Chairman of the Conservative Party “highly influential” 1922 Committee, 11th June 2017 interview with Andrew Neill, who retained a “Tory Safe Seat” in Trafford with a decreased majority


“Red Jez is on the march, the Labour Party are on 45% in the polls, almost one million members and legions of enthused and energised activists ready to start the campaign at the drop of a hat and we at the Conservatives 1922 Committee (that usually try to run tings on the sly away from the public eye) fear that if we call another General Election it’s likely to be a Labour Party landslide! PS I wish I had joined the Labour Party all those years ago fnar fnar PPS When I saw Theresa I mentioned the Election once but I think I got away with it Sybil”


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