Northern Greenhouse Volume 1 Book Available Now Online


“The Northern Greenhouse – A New Vision Of The North: Volume 1”

Book Now Available Online

Author: James Walsh


Promotional Film:

“The Northern Greenhouse – A New Vision Of The North” Volume 1 is the culmination of years of research of EcoTourism, ecology, green economy & renewable energy in the North of England”

James Walsh, the books’ author says “I have been researching how we can build a progressive North that can bring big global solutions to the largest issues of our time such as climate change – in terms of pollution we are still cleaning up from the industrial revolution, both at home and abroad, and a clean and green North is essential for future generations”

“My research has taken me all around the North of England; further afield to the Eden Project in Cornwall, the Isle of Mull & the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales; to the Lancashire County Council fracking hearings of summer 2015 & Trafford Council Pomona hearings, where I gave speeches to Council officials; to some high profile political & business conferences”

“Mainstream politics and media scarcely even acknowledges climate change and the green economy in the UK, and we are playing catch up with many nations who have a higher ambition, knowledge level and green business sense”

“Many commentators feel that we need to somehow find a way to balance the environment & the economy & the new green business revolution is trying to find that balance”

“We are at a point in time where we all need to work together – communities, ecologists, business leaders and politicians – to build a sustainable future, and in the North we have the entrepreneurs, the experience, the workforce and so many amazing natural places such as the Lake District, Lancashire, Northumberland, North York Moors & Peak District”

“Climate change is a national, and global, emergency and this book calls for urgent national action, transferring to a Zero Carbon North as fast as possible – in the 1940’s we had a National Effort and we are calling for a Green National Effort on climate change on a similar scale”

Two and a half years ago, the One Million Climate Jobs Northern Launch took place in Manchester just after the Climate March 2014 and the environmental movement has seen a real big increase in strength with the anti-fracking movement now boasting more than 500 local groups around the UK

James states “The North needs a re-brand that reflects the progressive changes happening here, a brand that claims the future and illustrates an outward-facing region”

“This book is published now to take into account the results of the UK General Election in June 2017 and to launch the book at the Peoples’ Powerhouse event in Doncaster in July 2017”

James says “The Northern Greenhouse is my lifes’ work so far so to speak, more than 30 years of research of ecology & ecotourism in the North of England and on a global scale, on a level the book says Happy New Year 2017 – Beginning Of The Paris Agreement Era, looks forward to the future to COP23 in Bonn, Germany, in November 2017 and to the 2020 Japanese Olympic Games, and acknowledges the recently launched 2050 Pathways”


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