Tour de Lancashire 

#TourdeLancashire #RollingResistance 

Thursday 20th July 2017 

As the Tour de France reaches its’ peak, here in Lancashire Reclaim The Power and Silky Productions are hosting a bike ride from Manchester to Blackpool to raise awareness about the fracking industry in Lancashire 

The Tour de Lancashire starting line is Manchester city centre adjacent to Piccadilly Gardens and the cyclists are due to start around 1130 hours after a group photoshoot 

There are already 25 cyclists signed up with more expected to join the Tour from Preston to Blackpool 

The Tour is due to visit the Barton Moss fracking site around 1315 hours for a talk on the environment of the Salford Mosses from James Walsh, the author of the new book “The Northern Greenhouse – A New Vision of the North” 

The Tour is also due to stop around 1515 hours at the AE Yates site in Bolton! AE Yates are notorious for their involvement in the fracking supply chain and have been the subject of many protests!

At 1900 hours the Tour is due to arrive in Avenham Park in Preston to meet up with more cyclists for the home run from Preston to Blackpool 

The Tour de Lancashire finishing line is the Camp Of New Hope on Preston New Road, the Community Protection Camp adjacent to Cuadrillas’ fracking site 

The Tour organisers, Reclaim The Power and Silky Productions, are urging local folk to support the Tour de Lancashire on every stage of the journey to create a festival, carnival atmosphere 

This events’ aim is to tell the frackers who are attempting to invade Lancashire against the voice of local democracy to “Get on your bike and do not come back!” 

Rumours that Bradley Wiggins, Lancashires’ most famous cyclist, is currently dashing home from the Tour de France for the Tour de Lancashire are unconfirmed at the time of writing!


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