Fylde Future Conference

Fylde Future Conference

1300-1500 Friday 8th September 2017
@ Euro Room, Solaris Centre, Blackpool, Lancashire

Invitation to Fylde Future Conference from host, James Walsh

For free guest list places, email: mancunianbirder@gmail.com

Fylde Future Conference Speakers

James Walsh “The Northern Greenhouse & Fylde Future”
(Fylde Future/Northern Greenhouse)

James Walsh is a Birdwatching and EcoTourism Expert with an Ecology degree gained recently at University of Salford

James has started a career as an author, publishing the books “Imagining Pomona: Fruitful Futures”, “The Birds of Salford Docklands” and “Northern Greenhouse – A New Vision of the North Volume 1”

James stood for the Northern Party in General Election 2015 to be the MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys, and wrote the “Fylde Future” discussion paper during this campaign, the initial blue-sky thinking for the “Fylde Future Volume 1” Book and “Fylde Future – A New Vision of the Fylde” Conference

James Walsh is also known as The Mancunian Birder, is a regular guest on That’s Manchester TV station and is the host of the Salford Docklands’ Birdwatching Cruises

Dave McGrath “The wildlife and the potential of The Fylde”
(Blackpool Wildlife)

Daves’ conservation CV includes a Major in Ecology at the University of East Anglia, wildlife researcher at Haifa University in Israel, Formby Point Ranger on Merseyside, British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and International Correspondent for Maroo Wildlife Refuge in Australia

Dave has worked in Blackpool since 1990 and knows virtually every field, tree and beach on The Fylde, especially the habitats of Blackpool such as Marton Mere

Dave is a font of knowledge on Fylde wildlife, runs the internet site BlackpoolWildlifeSights detailing Blackpool wildlife sightings

Dave has written 2250 posts, mostly about local wildlife, on the Lancashire & Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris site

Claire Stephenson “A Fylde Residents’ Perspective”
(Frack Free Lancashire / Scisco Media)

Claire is a journalist and social media strategist who lives on The Fylde and is the Environmental Editor at Scisco Media and part of Frack Free Lancashires’ media team

Claire is a member of Frack Free Lancashire, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and actively campaigns on environmental issues such as climate change

Shaun Michael Hargreaves “Entertainment & EcoTourism”
(Silky Productions / North England EcoTourism)

Shaun is the event promoter and Dj with Silky Productions, an international dance music organisation now based in the North of England that revolutionised the dance event and Tourism industry in Tropical North Australia and toured the Greek Islands

Shaun is the book editor of “Birds of Salford Docklands”, “Fylde Future” and “Northern Greenhouse”, and cameraman/co-writer with North England EcoTourism (NEET)

Shaun stood for the Northern Party in General Election 2015 to be the MP for Darwen and Rossendale, against Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry

Shauns’ speech includes thoughts on the re-branding and upgrading of The Fyldes’ image, whilst respecting heritage and the environment, including new marketing strategies


The Northern Greenhouse – A New Vision of The North Volume 1


The Fylde Could Become A World Class EcoTourism Site


Blackpool, EcoTourism Destination


Lancashire & Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris


Blackpool Wildlife Sightings


Scisco Media – Claire Stephenson


Scisco Media – Environment



North England EcoTourism (NEET)

The Pink-footed Pound


How EcoTourism Could Benefit The Blackpool North Economy

Fylde Future Promotional Film For General Election 2015


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