Labour Party Win Greater Manchester & Liverpool Mayoral Elections


The Labour Party have won the Greater Manchester and Liverpool Mayoral Elections with more than half a million votes

Andy Burnham is elected Greater Manchester Metro Mayor with 63% and Steve Rotheram is elected Livepool Metro Mayor with 59%

The Green Party were a credible fourth place in Greater Manchester and Liverpool with a total of around 27,000 votes

In Liverpool, the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) were 6th and the Women’s Equality Party 7th

UKIP, whose vote collapsed in the local elections, were beaten into 6th place in Greater Manchester, and 5th place in Liverpool


Labour: 359, 352

Conservative: 128,752

Lib Dem: 34,334

Green: 13,424

ED: 11,115

UKIP: 10,583

Aslam: 5,815

Farmer: 3,360


Labour: 171,167

Conservative: 58,805

Liberal Democrat: 19,751

Green Party: 14,094

UKIP: 11,946

Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition: 7,881

Women’s Equality Party: 4,287

Get the Coppers off the Jury: 729


“What About The Environment?”


What About The Environment ?
Friday 28th April 2017
Venue: Friends Meeting House, Manchester

#NorthernGreenhouse #EvoManc

Thank you to the organisers – it is through the hard work of the environmental community in Greater Manchester that we were even having this event

“What About The Environment ?” is a great name for the event – the debate on the environment was the last of months of Mayoral hustings, even this illustrates that the environment is just an after-thought for most politicians, and perhaps an opportunity to hoover up a few more votes if you say the word “green” often enough

In this event it was difficult to work out what was politico “greenwash” speak and what are actually manageable solutions; there were several “elephants in the room”, there were general “greenwash” answers to some questions about big business, but the name Peel Holdings was never mentioned !

There were questions on the Carbon Budget, the “F” word – Fracking, divestment of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund from fossil fuels to more ethical, green energy, a Diesel Vehicle Ban, Allotments, How Do We Save The Greenbelt ?, Housing / Retro-fitting, How Do We Halt The Wildlife Decline in Greater Manchester ?, the River Irwell floods, How Can We Exploit The Green Economy, Where Is The Money Coming From ?, How Can We Save Nutsford Vale & Pomona, How Much More Pollution Can The River Irwell Take ?, How Can We Reduce The Amount Of Aeroplane Flights ? and What Can Be Done About Food Waste

All the candidates were in general agreement of the need to start again with the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, ban fracking, divest the Greater Manchester Pension Fund and make Manchester the Greenest City Ever !

Ratings out of 10 for each candidate, based on quality of answers, crowd reaction, substance, ecological knowledge, style and party politics


Environmental Priorities

1. Create 50,000 Green Jobs
2. Tackling Greater Manchester traffic congestion
3. Fracking ban
4. Better local rail NOT HS2
5. Begin divestment during National Divestment Week 2017

Will Patterson started the event firmly saying “Climate change is happening now” recognising the urgency of the need to act now on the environment

The business world is moving rapidly in a greener direction, and the plan to create 50,000 Green Jobs, balancing economy and ecology is an election winning policy, it could begin to solve environmental issues and social issues at the same time (such as unemployment and training/skills for young people)

Will Patterson also spoke of the need to localise the economy and encourage residents to take more local holidays at our great Northern tourism sites such as Blackpool & Southport

The biggest cheer of the event was for Will Patterson saying “We are going to build a Frack Free Greater Manchester”, the crowd knowing that this was being spoken with the conviction of a candidate whose party has relentlessly campaigned on the front-line against fracking, “No to fracking! Not here! Not anywhere! Sajid Javid (the Conservative politician who over-turned local democracy in Lancashire) is in the pockets of the frackers! We have to be clever in the fight against fracking and target Cuadrillas’ suppliers! We need to get tough on Ecocide!”

Will Patterson also spoke with conviction about the need to ban the moral obscenity that is Trident – although it is not on the list of Mayoral powers it would be great to see a Greater Manchester Mayor campaigning for this


Environmental Priorities

1. Illegal air quality
2. Clean Energy Public Transport
3. Cycling Revolution
4. City Of Trees
5. Ban fracking

Andy Burnhams’ best policy on the environment is the call for a “Greater Manchester Peoples’ Green Conference”, however, with a caveat of “within the first year of office”, this was heckled/questioned – why should we wait that long ? Climate change and the environment are exceedingly urgent issues and we haven’t got time to waste, especially as Greater Manchester has many talented citizens who can contribute in this situation

Andy Burnham spoke of the success of Pennington Flash Country Park, that we need to learn from cities such as Liverpool about enhancing the city and initiatives such as City of Trees and City Forest Park

Andy Burnham could have taken this as an opportunity to recognise Labours’ faults on the environment in Greater Manchester but did not take this opportunity


Environmental Priorities

1. Climate change
2. Air pollution
3. Protect the greenbelt / greenspace
4. Decarbonise the economy
5. A frack free Greater Manchester

A slip that confused the whole room at the start of the hustings, Jane said “We need to act before climate change becomes a problem”

From answers later in the event it is clear that Jane Brophy does have some ecological knowledge and seems to be genuinely passionate about the environment, but this statement certainly caused some head scratching!

Jane Brophys’ central theme is that we need to Remain in the EU for greater environmental protections to make Manchester the Greenest City In Europe and that we need to encourage business to become more environmentally responsible

It is disingenuous for Jane Brophy to say that she represents Frack Free Greater Manchester – the Liberal Democrats seemed to have no presence whatsoever at events such as the Barton Moss Solidarity Sundays and the fracking industry moved into Greater Manchester under the ConDem government ! Perhaps the organisers of Frack Free Greater Manchester can confirm whether the Liberal Democrats have ever been to a Frack Free Greater Manchester meeting ?


Environmental Priorities

1. Plan For Growth !!
2. How do we take the devolution powers
3. Behavioural changes
4. Green Bus Fund
5. Electric Cars

To see Mr Anstees’ “Plan For Growth” you only need to look at the borough of Trafford, where Mr Anstee is the “leader” of Trafford Council – Trafford is the ugly face of capitalism/“dirty old man” of Greater Manchester

Trafford is what happens when you give the Conservatives too much power, and Labour kowtow to big business in Greater Manchester

Trafford was once the leafy green preserve of Manchesters’ rich and famous, but heavy industry has, over the years, crept south-west along the Manchester Ship Canal from Salford Docks to Trafford where a predominantly Tory Council, often aided and abetted with Labour support, has given the green light to huge industry projects on places such as Carrington Moss and Davyhulme, the situation has got so messy that residents now have to monitor the air quality themselves, all under the “Northern Powerhouse” moronic mantra of “jobs and growth”

On Mr Anstees’ watch, the BREP BioMass Incinerator is heading to Trafford, IGas were given permission to do Coal Bed Methane mining just yards from the Trafford Centre, INEOS have licences to frack huge swathes of Trafford courtesy of the Conservative government and, Carrington Moss, a site that is full of rare wildlife, is being turned into an industrial “powerhouse” – all activists and concerned residents should take a look at the huge monstrosity that is Carrington Gas Terminal on the south side of the Manchester Ship Canal, a new generation of fossil fuel development is not compatible with the Conservatives claim to be the “Greenest Government Ever!”

For more information research the Breathe Clean Air Group, a group of volunteer residents, who have worked very hard to try to stop BREP and bring the subject of air quality to the attention of the general public and politicians, now a real election issue

Also on Mr Anstees’ watch, the urban wildlife oasis of Pomona is being trashed and the habitat of Little Ringed Plovers, Skylarks, Lapwings, Bee Orchids and Sand Martins is disappearing underneath concrete before our very eyes, just yards from Manchester city centre, despite huge public opposition

The Conservative Party and the Labour Party are “all in it together” for the “Northern Powerhouse” so how can Anstee or Burnham possibly have the freedom from party politics to create a Green Greater Manchester ? How can their colleague “Sir” Richard Leese be the leader of Manchester Council and sit on the board of Peel Holdings ? This type of vested interests and cronyism is why people are so sceptical of the awfully named “DevoManc”

Democracy scandal & sex scandal hit #GMMayor Election Campaign


After months of dull, low profile corporate hustings featuring just the three “mainstream” candidates from Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, the Greater Manchester Metro Mayoral Campaign has sprung into life with a democracy scandal AND a sex scandal all happening during the May Bank Holiday !!

With less than 48 hours until the polls open and the people of Greater Manchester vote for a Metro Mayor during Thursday 4th May 2017, the campaign now has two scandals that are sparking the interest of social media and giving the electorate more to think about when voting for the Metro Mayor


Most worryingly is the democracy scandal that happened on Salfords’ Docklands on Monday 1st May 2017

Citizens UK hosted what looked like an Election Stunt for Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, under the guise of a charity event, at The Lowry

The organisers received communications from Green Party officials and members, and the general public, prior to the event asking why the Green Party were not invited to a public Mayoral hustings event and asking the organisers to, perhaps, reconsider their position

However, the organisation who claim to have aspirations that are actually very similar to those of the Green Party, did not listen and went ahead with the event, providing Metro Mayoral candidates Andy Burnham, Jane Brophy and Sean Anstee with a huge platform, just 2 days before a very important election !!

Even more ironic is that the event used the Green Partys’ slogan “For The Common Good” and that the Green Party and their candidate Will Patterson, in actual fact, are probably the most likely to fulfil the apparent aspirations of Citizens UK

To add to this, a Green Party official – Linda Freeman, the Secretary of the Tameside Green Party, was forcibly ejected from The Lowry by security, apparently for the “crime” of wearing a Green Party T-shirt !!

The tech-savvy Green Party have made a film about the situation, and this scandal is likely to carry on, if the mainstream media dare to cover the situation

This scandal is at the very heart of the valid criticisms of the lack of democracy in the “DevoManc” project and the “Northern Powerhouse” project as a whole


UKIP are a “political party” who are currently falling apart with the Douglas Carswell situation and UKIP “leader” Paul Nuttall being trounced at the ballot box in Stoke the latest in a string of disasters, so the last thing they need is yet more negative news! However, the UKIP candidate for Greater Manchester Metro Mayor is currently in some political hot waters – if you like your political scandals a bit more fruity then read on

Northern Spring Rates Will Patterson As Winner Of #GMMayor Election Campaign


The Northern Spring rates Will Patterson of The Green Party as the winner of the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election Campaign based on Social Media, Hustings Performances, Manifesto/Vision, Media and Party Politics

#NorthernGreenhouse #EvoManc #Will4GreenMayor #RealDeal #GMElects

On Thursday May 4th 2017 the people of Greater Manchester Elects a new Metro Mayor

The Northern Spring have rated each of “The Big Four” candidates out of 20 on five themes – Social Media, Hustings Performances, Manifesto/Vision, Media and Party Politics

The Northern Spring has followed the Greater Manchester Metro Mayoral Election campaign since the announcements of the “Northern Powerhouse”, “DevoManc” and the associated Metro Mayoral Election

We have joined campaigners from the Greater Manchester Peoples’ Plan with their clipboards on surveys, followed the candidate selection process, we have asked the candidates 80 questions on Twitter (see #GMMayor), watched hustings, read the candidates’ manifestos, campaign literature and posts on social media, and researched the political parties of each candidate

The result is that we rate Will Patterson of the Green Party as the real deal candidate in the #GMMayor Election, with a large 88% rating

The results are:

1. Will Patterson (Green Party) 88%
2. Andy Burnham (Labour Party) 52%
3. Jane Brophy (Liberal Democrats) 28%
4. Sean Anstee (Conservatives) 0%


Social Media (16/20)
WP has out-performed all the other candidates on social media, answering questions from residents, campaign groups and journalists honestly and genuinely with clear, effective answers

Hustings (18/20)
Very professional performances, especially considering that WP only joined the campaign trail in January 2017 in a very difficult situation, also WP has had to put up with a right-wing corporate machine that often only invited the three most “mainstream political party candidates” eg Labour & ConDems, to corporate, expensive ticket hustings events !!

Manifesto/Vision (20/20)
WP understands the urgency of climate action and promotes the “Northern Greenhouse” vision! Balancing the economy and ecology is central to WPs’ manifesto, and the project to create 50,000 Green Jobs in Greater Manchester is an election winner

Media (20/20)
The Green Party has created a number of thought-provoking films on YouTube, featuring a variety of different real people (Are You Daniel ? Are You Julie Ann ?)

Party Politics (14/20)
The Green Party are now in “The Big Five” UK political parties with a new leadership team and the Green Surge continues


Social Media (3/20)
AB gave no answer to any of the 80 questions that we asked the Mayoral candidates – Twitter should be used to answer questions, not just post pictures of selected campaign photos

Hustings Performances (11/20)
Fairly polished performances, but there were too many corporate, expensive ticketed hustings where just AB, JB & SA were present and no other candidates!

Manifesto/Vision (15/20)
AB talks the talk, but do corporate business and the Labour right have too much influence ?

Media (15/20)
The slick marketing style of the Labour Party is always apparent, AB is a prototype “New Labour-esque” politician who is either a maturing centre-right politician attempting to get in touch with his Northern socialist roots or a scheming career politician; the choice is yours

Party Politics (8/20)
AB was rejected twice as Labour Party leader, so why should AB be the leader of Greater Manchester when his own political party deemed him unsuitable to be a leader on two occasions ? AB was one of the big players in the now dis-credited/defunct New Labour project and voted for the Iraq War !


Social Media (5/20)
JB has little real social media presence, but occasionally interacts with the general public, campaign groups and journalists

Hustings Performances (5/20)
JB had one big slip in the hustings, during the opening statements JB said “we need to act before climate change becomes a problem (!!)”, this gave away the laissez-faire attitude of the Liberal Democrats

Manifesto/Vision (8/20)
The aim of Greater Manchester being the Greenest City In The World is an honourable aim, and JB seems to understand ecology more than most politicians, however, when an official manifesto says one of JBs’ policies is “Encourage pollution-scrubbing technology, including green wall, green roofs and urban parks” you begin to wonder about competence

Media (5/20)
JB & the Liberal Democrats do not seem to have produced any of their own films, unlike the tech-savvy Green Party who have put a great deal of thought and work into their campaign films

Party Politics (5/20)
Greater Manchester is a predominantly working class area and the Liberal Democrats are not a party of the working class and do not represent the interests of the working class – could the people of Greater Manchester ever forgive the Lib Dems for being a junior partner in the ConDem government ?


Social Media (0/20)
SA has given no answer to any of the Northern Springs’ 80 questions on Twitter

Hustings Performances (0/20)
SA is the classic, dull as a rainy day in Grimsby, unimaginative, neo-liberal identikit politician, the face of the Nasty Party in Greater Manchester

Manifesto/Vision (0/20)
The advert for SA in the official Election booklet looks like a BNP election advert!

Media (0/20)
Anstee has zero credibility and this shows in media appearances

Party Politics (0/20)
The Tories are a joke! “Northern Powerhouse”, Theresa May “election campaign”, etc, etc – we need to get the #ToriesOut asap!