The Northern Spring Guide To Politician Speak



“There is no public appetite for another General Election so soon”

Graham Brady, Chairman of the Conservative Party “highly influential” 1922 Committee, 11th June 2017 interview with Andrew Neill, who retained a “Tory Safe Seat” in Trafford with a decreased majority


“Red Jez is on the march, the Labour Party are on 45% in the polls, almost one million members and legions of enthused and energised activists ready to start the campaign at the drop of a hat and we at the Conservatives 1922 Committee (that usually try to run tings on the sly away from the public eye) fear that if we call another General Election it’s likely to be a Labour Party landslide! PS I wish I had joined the Labour Party all those years ago fnar fnar PPS When I saw Theresa I mentioned the Election once but I think I got away with it Sybil”


#GE2017 – What The Frack Is Happening ?


If your head is spinning wondering what the frack just happened in Thursdays’ General Election, these events might provide some clarity!


Saturday 10th June 2017
Midday-2pm @ St Peters’ Square, Manchester

The organisers, Manchester Trades’ Council, say “The general election has been a defeat for Theresa May who’s attempt to gain legitimacy has failed. Now she attempts to put together a coalition with the reactionary DUP, Manchester Trades Council are organising an event to call for Theresa May to go now! Millions have been inspired by Labour’s manifesto and the brilliant campaign fought by Corbyn. We need a Corbyn-led Labour government. That’s what Manchester voted for and it’s what millions of working class people want. Join us on Saturday to start the next phase of the struggle”


Monday 12th June 2017 – 2 shows, 7pm & 9pm
Hope Mill Theatre, 113 Pollard Street, Manchester
Tickets @

The organisers say “Immediate script in hand responses to the 2017 General Election result. There will be a limited number of tickets for this event, due to size of the venue, so we recommend booking in advance. Come and be a part of the conversation”


7pm-9pm Tuesday 13th June 2017
@ Friends’ Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS

The organisers, Manchester Peoples’ Assembly say “MAY MUST GO! that’s the job at hand now. So join our conversation, we are planning to get this done ! Fast! There can be no doubt that the case against austerity has inspired millions and has been placed centre stage in this election campaign by Jeremy Corbyn. Join us to discuss the options and get organised. We will need to move fast!”


7pm-9pm Wednesday June 14th

@ The Ship Canal pub
Barton Lane
M30 0EY

Speaker: Sally Griffiths, NHS worker and Unison member (speaking in personal capacity)

The organisers, the Socialist Party, say

“Discuss what happens next: Will there be another election? Can the Tories survive? How can we fight for a Corbyn-led government? Why socialist ideas are popular and how we can win!

‘Theresa Dismay’, ‘Gamble backfired’. These are the headlines today in the scurrilous Sun and Daily Mail, right-wing rags that have spent the whole election campaign raining down vicious attacks on Corbyn in the vain hope of a Tory landslide.

On the day the general election was called the Socialist Party declared: “If Corbyn fights on a clear socialist programme – for a Brexit in the interests of the working and middle-class – he could win the general election.” At the time that was met with derision by many, including, unfortunately, the right wing of the Labour Party who thought a general election would give them the opportunity to unseat Corbyn.

In just five weeks, Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign has proved them all wrong. It has transformed the political situation in Britain. In the face of overwhelming opposition from the capitalist establishment and media, and unfortunately sabotaged by the right of his own party, Jeremy Corbyn has put his anti-austerity programme to the people of Britain.

Hundreds of thousands of people, including the membership of the Socialist Party, have campaigned for his programme on the streets of Britain. The result has been the biggest increase in vote share for any party since Attlee’s Labour in 1945. Turnout among young people increased from 43% in 2015 to 72% as they streamed out to support Corbyn.

The Tories have come out of the election in tatters. Now we need to build a movement to force them out of power. The 8th June 2017 was the beginning not the end. It was the beginning of a movement to get the Tories out and to create a socialist society that provides free education, decent housing and a well-paid job for all”


Is Theresa May now a “Lame Duck” ??

#VoteLabour – A Personal View


James Walsh (@MancunianBirder) talks about a political journey coming home to the Labour Party

“Although my parents were big Labour Party supporters I didn’t have a huge interest in politics until 2003 – my first real experience of politics began with the “Stop The War” movement, and a leading light of that movement; Jeremy Corbyn – so it is very full circle and beautiful karma that I now get the chance to vote for a Labour Government with Jeremy Corbyn as the Prime Minister

Looking for a political home can be a very long journey, and I have, in previous years, briefly joined the Respect Party and the Green Party, whilst I can recall the Lib Dems getting my vote once in a local election in Salford in 2008

I have made a point of visiting different political party conferences, the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, the Green Party in Birmingham and I even had a look at a Conservative Conference – I was personally invited to a fringe event where I managed to heckle Owen Paterson for expecting people to volunteer to contribute to conservation rather than give conservationists proper pay and working conditions

In #GE2015 I was offered the chance to stand for Parliament with the Northern Party in Blackpool North, a very interesting post-graduation experience, where I was able to see how a General Election campaign works from a candidates’ point of view

In the 2010 General Election and the 2015 General Election I voted Labour, but not with huge enthusiasm, and then, bam! in the summer of 2015 I cottoned on to Corbynmania and I have, like so many, been encouraged to re-join the Labour Party

I have personally been very impressed with Labours’ plans for the environment, carers, entrepreneurs, mental health and student debt

My father’s Grandparents were Irish immigrants from County Mayo and my fathers’ family were Salford Dockers, therefore, I have strong connections to the original labour movement and I must say that I am proud of my political journey coming home to what I call the True Labour Party

I have started to consciously vote for hope & change, in the recent Unite The Union Election and the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election I voted for the candidate that I felt best represented a positive vote for hope & change

On Thursday 8th June 2017 I’m voting for a Labour Government, I’m voting for hope and change, I’m voting to respect previous generations and give hope to future generations”

#GE2017 The Manchester General Election


Picture: The results of the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election 2017

James Walsh (@MancunianBirder) with the view from up North! Manchester has played a huge role in General Election 2017 – what can we learn from the recent Greater Manchester Mayoral Election voting pattern in terms of seeing where Manchester is at politically ?

The city of Manchester has found itself completely in the national spotlight during General Election 2017 due to the events at the Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017

Manchester has won plaudits from around the world in response to our handling of the situation, in particular, the solidarity of the citizens and the One Love Manchester concert

In terms of our celebrities, Liam Gallagher, in particular, has shown up for Manchester and the superstar of the One Love Manchester event recently said “Yes, I’m voting Labour” in a big interview

On 4th May 2017 the citizens of Greater Manchester selected a Labour Party Metro Mayor, the Labour Party candidate won the election with 63%

Now let’s be very clear about this, the Conservatives have long wanted to try and make progress in the North, and “DevoManc” and the “Northern Powerhouse” were both ideas that began on the back of a fag packet at Tory HQ, and despite the mainstream media talk of a “guaranteed safe Labour win” there is no doubt that the Tories were secretly hoping for a breakthrough that never came, instead, it backfired spectacularly, and the “Nasty Party” candidate was knocked out of the ball park!

The most interesting was the result in Trafford, south of Manchester, the most affluent borough of Greater Manchester – the “Nasty Party” candidate is the leader of Trafford Council, yet Labour won in this very politically sensitive area with a landslide

The Greater Manchester Mayoral Election was a rejection of the Conservatives attempts to make inroads oop North, and in some ways, a rejection of “DevoManc” and the “Northern Powerhouse”, especially when you factor in a very respectable vote for the Green Party

The size of the win for the Labour Party on 4th May in Greater Manchester promoted a large winners rally in the city centre and the signs are that the Labour Party has really increased in popularity in Greater Manchester during General Election 2017

The Peoples’ Election 2017 National Vote Labour Day


#VoteLabourDay #ThePeoplesElection #LabourGovernment

Thursday June 8th 2017 is The Peoples’ Election – National Vote Labour Day to elect Jeremy Corbyn as British Prime Minister

The Labour Manifesto is the real deal and we have an opportunity to elect a politician with a decent CV to the post of Prime Minister, a once in a lifetime opportunity to vote for a programme of hope

Let’s vote in our millions to sack Theresa May & the Conservatives ! There is no such thing as a Conservative safe seat ! The people have the power at the ballot box – rise up and Vote Labour if you have “Protest fatigue” and you are fed up of campaigning against climate change, austerity, fracking, war, dodgy trade deals and just want to get on with your life – a Labour Government is currently the best way to achieve this

Ignore the hype about Labour being “unelectable”, it is yet another Tory myth, if you are on the ballot then you are potentially electable and the Labour Party have 631 candidates, needing to win 326 seats for a stunning win to form a Labour Government

Our doctors and nurses have informed us that it is our public duty to vote Labour – public sector workers, business owners, pensioners, students, employed, self-employed and unemployed, disabled, journalists, police, nurses, doctors, firemen, musicians, entertainers, everyone in society let’s vote in our millions for future generations and VOTE for the LABOUR PARTY to employ Jeremy Corbyn as British Prime Minister

Labour Puts The Party In Politics


The Labour Party’s General Election 2017 campaign steps up today with six huge parties taking place simultaneously in different parts of the country – London, Birmingham, Glasgow, South Wales, North-west England and Brighton

The events are a great mix of DJs, musicians, speakers, senior Labour politicians, first-time voters and Jeremy Corbyn is speaking at one event and being live-streamed to the other events

This is a big push to ensure young people vote on Thursday – the excitement and buzz these events create should give the campaign the momentum needed to drive young people to the ballot boxes in droves

More than ever, we need to come together and show support and solidarity for everybody who wants a better world than the one we live in now

The event in North-West England is at Warrington’s Parr Hall, Palmyra Square South, Warrington, WA1 1BL from 6pm-9pm with bands, DJ’s, speakers and Salford Labour Party politician Rebecca Long-Bailey and actress Maxine Peake

Jeremy Corbyn – The Real Deal


#JCPeoplesPM #TheRealDeal #VoteLabour

Corbynmania has happened as a result of a big combination of factors, the overall failure of the ruling class, the dis-integration of the Neo-liberal consensus, the perhaps maturing views of “populism”, the failure of the War On Terror, the apparent meltdown of the Conservatives and the rejection of disaster capitalism and austerity

If Tony Blair was Teflon then Jeremy Corbyn is more like Graphene, the new wonder material, a UK product 200 times stronger than steel, that scientists theorized about for many years and is now on the world stage

Jeremy Corbyn gigs are huge, sometimes thousands upon thousands of people, and the mainstream media have not really reflected just how popular JC is with the many

The first time I personally experienced Corbynmania was during autumn 2015, on my birthday I got a ticket to see Jeremy speak at Manchester Cathedral, however, I could not even get in the venue with a valid ticket as the venue was completely full, so much so that a stage and sound-system had been prepared in the public area adjacent to URBIS – a second or third room or stage is not unusual at JC gigs, such are the size of crowds that want to hear this man speak

Rather cheekily this event was during the Conservative Party Conference and I, for sure, spotted quite a few Conservative Party members who had sneaked out of their own Conference to see what all this Corbynmania fuss was all about ! They were greeted with a sea of polite, enthused, astute and politically engaged people

My next personal experience of Corbynmania was during the summer of 2016 for the “People Powered Politics” event on Salfords’ Docklands, a special place for me personally due to my dockers’ heritage

The event was officially the launch of Jeremys’ second successful Labour leadership campaign, but all events such as these were being hosted to promote Jeremy Corbyn as a Prime Minister in waiting

Please take the time to read my article reviewing this event that I wrote at the time

Jeremy Corbyn is now very cool with young people, witness Grime4Corbyn, the front cover of New Musical Express and Kerrang, and recent on-stage speeches at festivals and concerts

The initials, JC gives Jeremy Corbyn a mythical, almost “Life of Brian” style quality, especially when you put into context the almost evangelical style of support of some JC supporters and the revival, some might say resurrection, of socialist movement politics that JC has really inspired in Britain

#GE2017 The Northern Spring Supports The Formation Of A Labour Government


Jeremy Corbyn, the Godfather of British Politics, wins hearts and minds all the time and is earning the trust of the electorate in style with Prime Ministerial, statesman-like performances

In #GE2015 Britain flirted with European-style multi-party politics, but #GE2017 really is a two horse race, a classic old-skool “jumpers for goalposts” General Election, Labour versus Tory, Hope versus Hate

A reinvigorated Peoples’ Party, the Labour Party with Jeremy Corbyn, the Peoples’ Choice For The Peoples’ Party can, given the chance, balance the moral compass of the British Isles and the world with supreme negotiating and conflict resolution skills

The Labour Party has worked hard to place itself as the party of the many, on business, John McDonnell, the Peoples’ Chancellor, and Salfords’ Rebecca Long-Bailey have shone on the campaign trail, Emily Thornberry and Barry Gardiner have become household names whilst Andrew Gwynne has tackled and won the intellectual battles

Recent National Elections amongst our European neighbours such as Ireland and France point to wins for the more progressive candidate

The French and Dutch elections rejected far right-wing politics and the brief phase of “populism” has proved to be not very popular

In General Election 2015 the Labour Party won 232 seats (30.4% of the vote), however, politics has changed dramatically in 2 years

Corbynmania has swept the nation, the Labour Party have 600,000 members plus Momentum, the Green Party have replaced UKIP in “The Big Five” British political parties and the Tories are in meltdown

In #GE2017 the Labour Party are standing 631 candidates and need to win 326 seats, gaining 97 seats, to form a Labour Government

#GE2017 is 20 years on from the New Labour landslide of 1997 and it is now time for a True Labour win as a majority Labour Government is the smoothest transition for Jeremy Corbyn, aka The Peoples’ Prime Minister, to become Britains’ Prime Minister

#JezWeCan Build The #NorthernGreenhouse


#JCPeoplesPM #VoteLabour #NorthernGreenhouse

On World Environment Day, Monday 5th June 2017, James Walsh (@MancunianBirder) describes how a Labour Government can put the “Northern Powerhouse” in the past and create a new North

The Labour Party’s Manifesto promises to transform Northern society with the pledge of One Million New Jobs nationwide and regional investment banks such as a Bank Of The North to encourage the entrepreneurs of the future

As a qualified ecologist my interest in politics comes from an ecological angle – I’m what you could probably term an “ecopreneur”, an entrepreneur who plans to start a business based around ecology and the environment

Ecopreneurs are growing in number as people become more environmentally knowledgeable and green business becomes more and more mainstream with industries such as Renewable Energy and EcoTourism

The “Northern Powerhouse” project has failed spectacularly, so much so that the phrase is barely mentioned in the current Conservative shambles of a “manifesto”

The Labour Party in the North have huge support and this should increase with their Manifesto pledge to ban fracking, a hugely controversial industry that the Tories are trying to brutally force on Northern communities

Labours’ promise of One Million New Jobs – a mainstream variation of the “One Million Climate Jobs” campaign – is like music to the ears of the ecopreneur and gives hope for the future

The Green Economy is the future and Jeremy Corbyn, titled King Of the North during recent peoples’ political events, is the man to begin to oversee the transfer to the Green Economy and unlock the talents of Northern ecopreneurs